It’s a Blog Comeback, baby!

Welcome all to my new blog! My name is Shannon, and I am a 29 year old print shop owner, graphic designer, fitness enthusiast, and fashionista!

After much thought and debate, I have decided to start blogging again. Again, you may ask? Yes, again.

I had been a very faithful blogger roughly between the ages of 16-26. In fact, I’ve had so many blogs I can barely remember them all (which, looking back, saddens me, as I wish I had taken better care to keep backups of my blogs throughout my younger years. Going through them all now would be very interesting – and scary, I’m sure!) A few years ago, however, my attention waned. It became to feel like a chore, and I began to stress out about blogging. It had lost all its fun, and it just became another thing I was dreading on my to-do list. At this point, I decided to close up my blog, and simply connected with others via my Tumblr micro-blogs. (I’ve developed quite a few to keep me occupied on various topics, such as Fashion, Fitness, as well as my “personal” Tumblr).

Everything changed for me a few days ago. Going through some sort of fitness-related mental breakdown/awakening (who else seems to be having these a lot lately?) I really needed and wanted to reach out to my online family, my friends. So I opened up Tumblr and started to write. I know though, that once the post was written, it would be lost in obscurity of the Tumblr feed, without much hope of ever being read or responded to. I missed the connection with my online friends. I missed the vessel to reach out and speak.

This not being the first time I felt the twinge of missing my blog, I decided it was time to take the appropriate steps for a “blog comeback”. I looked into my old blog domain name,, which had recently expired. My hosting company asked for $300 (!!!) to re-register the domain, and after laughing myself off my office chair, I decided to search out a new domain, and the even-better was born.

I will be posting about many things here, all of which are personal and dear to my heart. You will read about my life and my continual journey to be healthy and happy, as well as things I am passionate about, like fashion, film, and music. I will also be sharing and posting other random miscellaneous things, and I’m sure this blog will continue to grow and evolve as time goes on. I don’t know how everything will work right off the bat, but I look forward to the journey of figuring it all out.

Next step – to get this site looking sassy! I will be working on the theme for the next few days prior to the official launch, so if you’re reading this blog before then, chances are I sent you here. But nevertheless, please keep a look out at this page for updates coming very soon. I look forward to re-connecting with you all – I’ve missed you so much!