The Perfect Budget Eyeliner

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a ridiculous eyeliner junkie. I’ve been baring black, blue, purple, brown and metallic/glitter eyeliners for as long as I can remember. In fact, there are days where I remember to apply eyeliner, and forget everything else. It’s like the one thing on my face I can’t get used to being without.

While my love for eyeliner has remained consistent, my eyeliner style has evolved throughout the years. In high school, I was rarely seen without a full eye of eyeliner. I’d completely circle the eye, both upper and lower lids, connecting the points at either end. It was a fun look, but as I got older, I realized it was just a lot going on around my eye, and I tend to stick with the upper lid only these days. However, for big nights out on the town I break out the liquid liner and go all cat-eye. Meowr.

While I surely don’t mind spending money on makeup, I also love finding a good bargain. (Uhm, who doesn’t?!) And with the amount of eyeliner I go through (in a multitude of colors), its become imperative that I find a decent brand at a good price. I’d recently ran out of my go-to drug store brand, which had been Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner, but was in the market to find something new, as the Maybelline formula hasn’t been as consistent as I would have hoped lately. I’d noticed the liner smudging and wearing, leaving me looking semi-raccoon by the end of a long work day.

While at the drug store the other day, I perused the makeup aisle for about 15 minutes, choosing two new brands to test out… and to my complete shock – I was impressed with them both! (Ahh! When does that luck ever happen?! Tiny joys, people! Tiny joys!)


First up was Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips for Brown Eyes. I love a product that is tailored for my eye color, but am not always impressed with the quality that comes with it. This offered three liners (Espresso, Black and Purple) for a single cost of $9. At that rate, I figured I wasn’t gambling too much. I was very pleased with the results – the formula is thick (not many coats needed), and stays put all day long. It also comes off with ease with the use of a makeup removing sheet – no scrubbing my eyes causing irritation and dryness!

From the Physicians Formula Website:

  • The perfect set of three eyeliners to enhance your eye color and provide glamorous definition!
  • Long-wearing, water-resistant and smudge-resistant formula for 24-Hour wear.

Review: Beautiful colors, good quality for the price.GradeB


The other brand I bought was rather on a whim. I was looking for a bright turquoise color (great for layering and for days when I’m just feeling frisky) and I didn’t find this color in the Physicians Formula section. I did however, find a beautiful Turquoise color in the new section for Milani Cosmetics. The brand is Milani Liquif’eye, the color is Aqua, and I am in love. The liner applied smooth and I was very impressed with the high quality of the applicator itself . Although the color doesn’t come off/remove as easily as the Physicians Formula brand, the color is just heavenly and rich, and also stays put throughout a vigorous work day. For special occasions, I will simply LOVE breaking this color out. Also, I look forward to trying out more colors by Milani, as this first “test” was a pleasure to use.

Review: Rich color, easy application, and very nice quality.GradeA

What are some of your best drugstore finds lately? Please share in the comments below!