On & Off The Fitness Wagon

The past few weeks have been very up and down for me in terms of fitness and weight. My post-Christmas fitness was a total mess, and I could feel myself putting back on the pounds. Avoiding the scale out of shame and embarrassment  I let myself go further and further down the rabbit hole. Note to self – never avoid the scale for too long. It’s important to not step on it daily, but weekly is a good time frame to make sure you are keeping yourself in line. Otherwise, as I’ve learned, things can get away from you…


Looking back, my “best” weight during my fitness journey has been 108 lbs (down from my original 128 lbs last year). After the food-blur of the holidays, when I finally wiped the chocolate from my face and brought myself to stand on the scale again, I’d come to the realization that I’d packed on about 5 lbs, which have since fluctuated up and down for the past few weeks, making my mental sanity go right out the window.

When I finally weighed in last week at a staggering 115 lbs last week, I thought I was going to flip out. In fact, I kind of did. I realized that my bad habits had gotten the best of me – missed workouts, injuries, and bad meal choices had really snowballed into one unhealthy package, and I was really feeling the difference.

That’s when I turned the switch in my brain and got back on the wagon. I started this blog, scheduled myself to workout every day last week, and for the most part I stayed well on track. Here was my schedule:

  • Monday – Fire 45 EZ
  • Tuesday – Sculpt 30 / HIIT 20
  • Wednesday – Fire 55 EZ
  • Thursday – Rest Day
  • Friday – Fire 45
  • Saturday – Core 20 / Stretch 40
  • Sunday – Rest Day

I hadn’t intended on resting Sunday as well, but I ended up straining my wrist during Stretch 40 (push-ups) on Saturday, and thought it best to take the day off.

I was discouraged once again yesterday when I began my workout (Fire 45 EZ) and could only make it a little over halfway thru, when a sharp pain in my groin (the same one that has been bothering me on and off since fall) started acting up again. Once again, I thought it best to not continue, and to instead put my feet up.

This killed me. I was so upset. Near tears in fact. Ry had to console me, once again reminding me of all my progress and how working through an injury is rarely a good idea.

I was just so frustrated. I’m done with setbacks, with feeling weak. I just want to be back where I was six months ago. I know it’s only a couple pounds of difference, and I’m still worlds from where I started… but it’s still very discouraging to want to give 150% and to be only able to give, like… 15% (or at least it feels that way).

… BUT – there is a silver lining after all!

This morning I weighed in, for the first time in a week. I was shocked and very pleased to see I had dropped a full 2 lbs since last week! So, despite me not being able to give it my ALL last week, and my huge levels of personal frustration – I still made great progress, and I know I should be very proud of myself (and I really am).

See? None of us are perfect – even coaches, like me! We have our ups, and our downs. It takes hard work, time, consistency, and dedication – but progress can and will be made. I can do this. You can do this.

We can do this!!