Goody Simple Styles Spin Pins

I love the classy and effortless look of an up-do, but I hate the wear and tear it can put on my head throughout a long day at the office. When I twirl my hair up using standard bobby pins or a hair claw, by the end of the day I have a massive headache and I am just ready to tear my hair out (literally).

I received these Goody Simple Styles Spin Pins in the mail from Influenster via their 2012 Beauty Bloggers VoxBox program, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I have finally mastered the perfect up-do!


 They are basically a suped-up bobby pin, that come two to a pack – and that’s really all you need. You simply twist your hair up into a bun style (I find the tighter you twist, the less flyaways you’ll have) and twirl one spin pin into each side to secure the style in place. The coil shape of the pin locks in your hair, leaving it durable, while not pulling on your scalp. I can finally enjoy the ease of an up-do style for the entirety of a day, without worrying about it falling out, having to readjust, or dealing with any discomfort at all. Here’s a video by Goody that shows you how to achieve this look:

The best part is, the pins come in both dark and light colors, so they will completely blend into your style without any  distracting pins poking out!

I’ve actually gone out and purchased several more Goody Simple Style products since I received the Spin Pins. My first purchase was a set of Mini Spin Pins, which are slightly smaller than their counterpart, and come three to a pack. On days where I have trouble getting all my hair (I really have a LOT of very, very THICK hair) into the two large spin pins, these really come in handy as an extra. Also, they work perfectly for half-up styles.

In addition, I also picked up the Simple Styles Twisty Comb, which promises assistance in perfecting 3 separate hair twist styles. I have yet to really give this one a shot, but I plan on doing so very soon. Expect a review when I do!


Have you tried any Goody Simple Styles hair accessories? What are your favorite styles that you’ve been able to create with them? Please share in the comments below!

Full Disclosure Disclaimer: I received the original Goody Spin Pins product complimentary of Influenster for testing and review purposes.