Things I’m Excited About – MAC Archie’s Girls


If you know me in real life, there is a good chance you know about my obsession with all things Archie. Since I was a little girl, I collected the comic books, and obsessively archived and cared for them. (Like, plastic wrapped each comic, and alphabetized them in bankers boxes by type and date. Yes, OCD kid.) Like Sweet Valley High, Archie was a major part of my developmental years. I always shifted between being a “Betty” and “Veronica” in my life, adopting traits from both personality types. I still consider myself to be a nice mixture of the two – friendly and bubbly like Betty, and stylish and impatient like Veronica. Is it any surprise I ended up with a redhead?!

As an adult, I’ve enjoyed seeing how the M•A•C Cosmetics brand has developed lines based off of some of my very favorite childhood memories, such as Barbie and Disney. When I first heard about M•A•C teaming up with Archie and the gals, it was no different! My excitement catapulted when I came across these amazing pictures from the collection. I think I’ll be hunting them all down very soon!


From Mac: “Betty and Veronica – the names alone are a vivid four-colour flashback to an era of sweet, comic book innocence. Their eternal love triangle, with all-American, freckle-faced Archie, is legendary in its teen tension, tight sweater, and two-toned saddle shoe charm. Girl-Next-Door Blonde Betty vs. Vivacious, Spoiled Rich-Girl Brunette Veronica. An epic rivalry, now in two contrasting M•A•C Colour Collections, packaged in exclusively designed cases.”


I’m very impressed with the wide variety of colors that will be available in this collection, and I think I’ll be picking a few from both Betty and Veronica (won’t that be a surprise!). I know they were designed with the idea of being suitable for blondes (Betty) or brunettes (Veronica), but I do think you can swap many (if not all) of the colors as you’d see fit.


I’m excited about – Betty Bright & Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick, Kiss & Dont Tell Lipglass, Black Swan Eye Liner,  Flatter Me Face Powder


I’m excited about – Daddy’s Little Girl & Boyfriend Stealer Lipstick, Strawberry Malt Lipglass, Designer Purple Eyeliner, Veronica’s Blush Face Powder, Spoiled Rich Shadow

How cute/appropriate are the names?! M•A•C just always seems to get it right.

The Archie’s Girls for M•A•C collection is available in NYC TODAY! Look out for it elsewhere in North America Februrary 7th, and Internationally March 2013.

What are your thoughts on this collection? Will you be hunting out any faves?