Is Your Bum Bum Bikini Ready?

The first workout program I started when I began with Beachbody was Brazil Butt Lift. Intrigued by the promises of getting my booty (and body) bikini ready, it was really the first step in my most recent health awakening/evolution. I was originally impressed with trainer Leandro Carvalho’s credits – as he is a multi-certified fitness trainer with a dance background (always a fun plus), and has worked personally with Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio (among others). If working with a VS model doesn’t help your fitness cred, I honestly don’t know what will…

So I made the call and ordered Brazil Butt Lift after I had seen the informercial on TV. And boy am I glad I made that call. This first step really perpetuated a complete lifestyle change for me. Leandro Carvalho’s fun and easy program made it simple for me to follow along (even though I was a fitness “newbie”) and made the transition very easy for me. I credit him with many of my early successes, and I know his program did wonders for my body. I lost 10.5 pounds in four months using the Brazil Butt Lift system, and now Leandro has a new series that has me very excited – Brazil Butt Lift Master Series!

Brazil Butt Lift Master Series Base Kit includes 3 butt-perfecting workouts that will challenge you like nothing Leandro Carvalho has created before. In these exercises, you’ll add a stability ball, ankle weights, and dumbbells to your moves to help you achieve your best-ever bikini body.

And if you want to get totally hot for that upcoming vacation, wedding, or other special event, Leandro’s Weekend in Brazil 3-Day Cleanse will help you jump-start your results to reveal your ultimate booty.


Leandro uses the Triangle Training method that will target all areas of your booty – creating that perfect bikini bottom shape we all crave. In addition, the great variety of workouts in the program ensure a complete total body workout.

BBLMasterSeriesThe Master Series Base Kit Includes:

  • Bikini Body sculpts sexy muscles all over with the stability ball and hand weights.
  • Higher & Tighter elevates your bum bum and helps trim your core with advanced moves using the stability ball.
  • In Ipanema Booty you’ll shape a firm, round booty using heavier ankle weights.

Plus, if you order directly from me, you’ll receive Leandro’s Cardio Carnivale workout – a fun, fast-paced dance workout that tones sexy curves from head to toe! In addition, you will get me as your personal Beachbody Coach. Having lost a total of over 22 lbs since starting Beachbody, I am eager to help others achieve their goals in fitness and wellness.

I know I’ll be diving into the BBL Master Series very soon – are you ready to join me?

Click here to order Brazil Butt Lift Master Series & get your FREE bonus Cardio Carnivale workout!