My Sweet Valentine

Today I am overwhelmed by a sense of love and happiness. Yesterday (as previously posted on) was Valentine’s Day. And it really was a special day, from beginning to end.

I’ve been with Ry now for 8 years, and every single Valentine’s Day we share is special. We don’t always do a ton – but what we do has great meaning and thought behind it. I am lucky to have been able to share so many of these special days with him, and I look forward to many more!

Check out some photos from yesterday below.


The day started out on a very positive note when my Dad surprised me at work with these glorious roses. I really love the vase as well – its perfect for smaller arrangements or wild flowers I pick on my own. Definitely a keeper. =)


For lunch, I took my parents out to Zeppe’s Pizzeria in Hudson. Always a favorite of mine, it was warm and beautifully decorated inside, which was such a nice treat on a cold winter day! I indulged a bit in this caprese ciabatta sandwich. Normally I would stay way from the carbs, but it was a holiday, and in my mind, that made it perfectly okay. And boy was it ever. So delicious! Their balsamic glaze is my LIFE. I must find it to purchase so I can drizzle it on everything/drink it every single day.


When I arrived home from work I was greeted by these lovely roses and a very heartfelt card from Ry. Pink roses are always a favorite of mine, and he selected some beautiful ones. In addition, he even got me a Blooming Expressions Rose from Hallmark, so when my flowers eventually die, I can still enjoy them. Small gifts can mean so much when there is so much thought put into them. I took better pics of these with my Canon, but of course forgot the connections at home. Thank goodness for high quality iPhone photos! 😉

After a nice long nap and a quick cardio workout (so proud I still managed to squeeze one in!) it was time to prepare dinner. Ry did most of the work, putting together one of our “signature dishes” of wine-infused steak, green beans, chicken, grilled mushrooms, and a side of baked potato. It’s a consistent favorite of ours that we tend to break out for holidays, since preparation can be a little time consuming.


We use Lonz Blackberry wine for the reduction sauce (I’m not a wine drinker, but this is quite possibly the best wine I’ve ever had in my entire life – plus it’s cheap, which makes it taste even better IMO).


The food was grilled to perfection (Ry braved the snow and cold temperatures to grill outside!) and finally dinner was served. I sat there drooling over my plate and surprisingly, I managed to snap a photo before I wolfed it all down.


The perfect ending to our night was a treat of chocolate covered strawberries that I picked up at the grocery store. Definitely something I only would indulge in on a holiday like Valentine’s Day, but they were so delicious! They only lasted a few seconds before they were gone, so again, very surprising I got a photo at all.

The entire day was filled with great memories, lots of love, and delicious food. I have some extra exercising to do today and this weekend to make up for my indulgences, but it was worth every last calorie.

I am so grateful to have such wonderful people in my life to share Valentine’s Day with. Whether you are single or attached, I hope you all had a wonderful and love-filled day!