Trend of the Day – Statement Sunglasses

Being that its a particularly gray and dismal day outside, I’m very much looking forward to Spring. Living in Ohio, we don’t get to see much sun throughout the fall and winter months, making for a severe Vitamin D deficiency, but that is a post for another time… 😉

Today, I’m letting the SUN shine in. At least in my head, because there is NO sun outside.

One of the big trends I’m reading about this year are statement sunglasses. While bold and bright sunnies are nothing tremendously new, I’ve enjoyed seeing plenty of quirky and over-the-top varieties of sunglasses across the web. Here are some of my top pics, all of which would be great picks for the upcoming season.

sunglasses000Frida Gustacvvson for Anna Sui, Spring 2013 (Runway)

sunglasses001Iggy Azalea for ASOS

sunglasses002Rachel Lynch for Wildfox Couture

sunglasses003Magdalena Frackowiak in Vogue Paris

sunglasses004Edita Vilkeviciute for H&M

sunglasses005Lana Del Rey in S Moda Magazine

sunglasses006Dsquared, Fall 2012

sunglasses008Sophie Sumner 

Confessional time – I wear Rx sunglasses and will most likely not be able to wear any of these styles. I’m stuck with my SINGLE pair of trusty Ray-Bans (which I actually love to pieces), but I envy those who can wear trendier non-Rx versions at their whim. :: le sigh ::

What are your favorite Spring trends for 2013? Please share in the comments below!