Top 5 Most Annoying Commercial Jingles

I’m one of those people that winds up getting a song stuck in my head – for days. Even if it’s a song I really don’t like.

It’s occurred to me that there are many-a commercial in this day and age that are just simply annoying.But they are so annoying that they really work. Like, work so well they stick in my head like glue.

The following commercials are all culprits of major brain-stealing time in my life. I’ve been known to sing, hum or whistle these songs for days (even weeks) on end, even if I hate ’em. Which for the record, I do. All of them.

I think it is no surprise that the majority of these are for insurance companies, just sayin’.

Okay… why did I just do this to myself? I’m singing them all now! I truly apologize.