Music Monday: ZZ Ward


I can always count on my friends to recommend some great music. This weekend when meeting up with my BFF Nicole for lunch, she gave me a disc from the new-to-me-artist ZZ Ward. I was immediately impressed with the entire album, and knew it would be a great fit for an upcoming Music Monday post!

ZZ has a fantastic sound. The best way I can describe it would be a soulful mix of the stylings of Fiona Apple, KT Tunstall, Adele and maybe even a little Xtina and Amy Winehouse thrown in for good measure. Each track is unique and powerful, and I have yet to find one I don’t like yet.


The first track that first really caught my attention was “Put The Gun Down”, a bluesy jam that leaves my toes tapping. I was so thrilled to see she’s actually released a video for the tune. Check out the video below:

I also learned rather after-the-fact that ZZ was involved with the hit TV show “Pretty Little Liars” when she shot the video for the title track of her album “Til The Casket Drops”. I don’t watch the show, so I completely missed the song when it was originally released, but have included the video below for your audio enjoyment.

Some other notable tracks from the album that are standing out to me (so far) include “Lil Darlin” (feat. The O’Mys), “Cryin’ Wolf” (feat. Kendrick Lamar) and “Blue Eyes Blind”.

What do you think of ZZ? Please, share in the comments below!