“Muse”-ic Monday: Muse

Okay, I have to admit, I was thisclose to featuring Macklemore & Ryan Lewis this week again for my Music Monday. However, considering it’s only been two weeks since I featured them, I figured it was probably time to give someone else the spotlight. (But hey, fair warning, he could be showing up again soon on this blog as I am living and breathing everything Macklemore lately…)

But, I digress…

I’ve been a fan of Muse ever since my friend Megan dragged me to a show when I was living on campus at Kent State University. I’d actually never even heard of them before, but she swore the show was amazing and worth me seeing, even if I’d never heard a single song of theirs before. Was she ever right.

I immediately fell in love and became a Muse fan for life. Their show, even though it was set in the small KSU Auditorium, was one of the best live shows I’ve ever been lucky enough to see. Their presence on stage was dramatic and the music was powerful and haunting. And it just keeps getting better.


Their new(er) single “Madness” was actually brought to my attention by Ry, whom actually has never really been much of a Muse fan – but he heard this song randomly and asked me to download it. I was surprised to know that he was the one introducing the song to me – and felt a little sheepish that I, the great Muse fan, had missed it when it came out.

Another wonderful and captivating song by Muse, “Madness” has been on repeat for days in my house.

What songs are you jamming to this Monday? Please, share in the comments below!