Why I LOVE My Home Gym

There have been a wide variety of products available online and through infomercials that promised you the “perfect” at-home workout for many years. These products were laughable at best, and did not deliver on nearly any of their promises.

That has all changed in recent years and with the advent of DVD workout programs and fitness companies like Beachbody, the home gym workout is now just as powerful (if not more so) than a standard gym.

Now if only my home gym looked like THIS!

Now if only my home gym looked like THIS!

I always stayed away from the gym, afraid of all the connotations that went along with working out at a gym. Would people laugh at my level of fitness? Would I use the equipment incorrectly and be mocked? Would I be bothered by sweaty and creepy guys during my time on the elliptical? These are all thoughts that legitimately went through my head, and caused me to avoid 1) going to the gym, and by proxy, 2) becoming truly healthy and fit.

Now I know most of these reasons are unsubstantiated. Silly, even. But they all were thoughts that hindered my level of success in fitness; primarily I just avoided it altogether.

I’ve had the best fitness success of my life through the use of at-home workouts such as Brazil Butt Lift, TurboFire, and most recently, ChaLEAN Extreme. The home gym has truly allowed me to blossom at my own comfort level, and make me feel that much more comfortable with my own routines. Now I feel confident about stepping into a gym (whenever I do!) and excited to share all that I’ve learned.

Here are just some of the reasons you may want to consider a home gym workout:

  • You can work at your own pace and hit the PAUSE button when needed!
  • You can make much better use of your time without having to travel/drive to a gym.
  • You can choose your own routines and make them fit to your schedule every day.
  • There is no time when your “gym” is NOT open.
  • It is much easier to make an excuse to not work out when the gym is not 5 feet away from you.
  • No dredging through the snow! Or rain! Or random hail storm!
  • No creepers!
  • There is no wait time for certain machine(s) or equipment.
  • You don’t have to worry if your workout clothes match
  • You don’t have to worry about what you look and/or smell like.
  • You don’t even have to brush your teeth (but come on, really you should)
  • Beachbody at-home workouts come with a full meal plan and calendar, a huge savings from a gym membership and/or nutritionalist!

Do you work out at home? What is your favorite part of your routine? Please, share in the comments below!