5-Day Spring Shakeology® Challenge!


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It’s only 5 DAYS to start your path towards your fitness goals.

Have you been wanting to try Shakeology®, but have been worried about committing to a one month supply? If so, this challenge is for you! I am running a 5-day challenge and selling bundle packs of 5 Single Serving Shakeology® Packets. This is the BEST way for you to try Shakeology® and to start seeing some amazing quick benefits!

Shakeology can help you:

  • Lose Weight
  • Feel Energized
  • Improve Digestion and Regularity
  • Reduce Sweet Cravings
  • Stay Fuller Longer


Did I mention there would be a prize for the most improved challenger?!



If you purchase Shakeology® Home Direct from Shannon http://goo.gl/HC1Wv or are already a Shakeology Home Direct customer with Shannon, just message me at lifeaficionada@gmail.com and you are automatically entered!

The best part of this challenge is there is enough time for you to try Shakeology® for five full days, and if you LOVE it (I know you will!) you still have time to lock in the best Shakeology® pricing – for life, before the April 1st price increase. Plus, you’ll get FREE Shipping when you sign up on HD – saving you $22/month!

The process is simple. Replace 1 meal a day, for 5 days, with a Shakeology® shake. There are endless ways to mix the shakes up, they taste great, and contain all the vitamins and nutrients you need each day! Press LIKE or comment below for more on how to participate!


  1. Share your fitness goals with me.
  2. Stay committed to your goals for all 5 days!
  3. Commit to drinking 1 Shakeology® a day as a meal replacement for the 5 Days (Covered in the cost of the challenge)
  4. Commit to at least 30 min of exercise for the 5 days.
  5. Submit your before and after measurements & weights to my email, Facebook, or text message.
  6. Participate in the group by sharing your favorite Shakeology® recipes and about your progress.

I’ll be here to support you as a coach as well as posting daily motivational tips.

The MOST FUN part are the prizes!

The challenger who has made the most overall progress will be awarded their choice of the following prizes!

  1. TurboFire® – Keep On Burnin’ DVD (Item #KeeponBurnin)
  2. Beachbody weighted gloves set (Item #MDACCGLOVE1BB)

Here’s how you can join:

I only have a few spots available. First come first serve! Message me if you are seriously interested.

  1. Write in a comment on the FB wall for this event, you can just put “Count Me In!” if you’d like.
  2. Then go to http://goo.gl/z09W5, fill out your info, and make sure that SHANNON LANDIS is listed as your personal coach.
  3. Then I’ll message you with the details and we can arrange for the $25 payment (reserves your spot)


Email: lifeaficionada@gmail.com

Can’t wait to work with you on reaching your goals!