Wishlist – Fashionable Fitness Gear

I am always a big fan of wearing something cute and fashionable when working out. Does it really affect your performance during a workout? This could be debateable.

I do believe fancy clothes are not necessary for you to make progress during a workout. I mean, there have been days that I just throw on my boyfriend’s large T and leave my boxer shorts on and just get to it. But then again, there are days where getting up and putting on your cutest workout gear can really give you the motivation you need to get a hardcore workout in. Also, I believe that you hold your body tighter and therefore get more action in your muscles during a workout when you are wearing athletic wear, and this can help you improve your workouts as well.

But hey, let’s face it. I just love the fashion.

Here are just a few of my recent top fashion picks for athletic wear. Wishlist, anyone?


Printed Harmonious Cami – Athleta ($59.00) This cami really works off the Spring lace trend that seems to be growing every day. Plus, I love the silhouette and the piping – very flattering!


Peek Tank – Athleta ($59.00) – Love the bright color and cutout back on this cami. Very sexy without being too revealing – great for that hot yoga class you’ve been eyeballing.


Wrap Around Workout Top – Forever 21 ($12.80) – I adore this style and the thumb-sleeves. I would wear this every day – not just for exercise! And it’s under $15?! It’s already been bought-en.

What athletic styles are you drooling over? Please, share in the comments below!