Music Monday – New Kids On the Block

nkotbI honestly didn’t think there would be a day where I featured NKOTB on my blog – I mean maybe if I had this blog back in 1988, when I was 5 and screaming “Hangin’ Tough” from my bedroom it would have been another story (blogs at that age would be amusing to read now) – but I haven’t heard too much worthy of my iPod from them in decades.

Then, Earl sent me a link to this YouTube video – and my whole opinion of the “new” New Kids On The Block had changed. “I Like The (Remix)” is catchy, infectious and most importantly, current. It doesn’t feel like the guys are trying to appeal to an audience much younger than them, they are appealing to their original fans who loved them years ago – but with a new and fresh sound, perfect for today’s radio.


Everyone I’ve played this song for has been impressed with its quality, and I imagine it will do well on the charts. What do you think – do you love the “new” New Kids, or just they have just stayed On The Block?