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Yesterday marked my last day of the first Phase of ChaLEAN Extreme®, and I couldn’t be happier with this program!

As you may recall, my previous program (that I spent nearly a year doing) was TurboFire®. I still to this day refer to TurboFire as my soulmate workout – from the high energy cardio, to the great music, it was love at first “play”. But, doing any one program for that period of time can be boring after a while. Even though I stuck with the program, my motivation had weaned towards the end, simply out of repetitiveness and boredom – I needed something new.

Although I may have been bored with the TurboFire program, I love Chalene Johnson. Working out with her is always a joy – she is pure motivation. She is like a personal cheerleader and friend, without being annoyingly perky or unrealistic. She is a strong woman who I am eager to emulate and be more like, and I love working out with her on the daily.

So, when it was time to hunt down a new program, I knew ChaLEAN Extreme® would be a good fit. A bit of a departure from the HIIT Cardio training of TurboFire®, ChaLEAN Extreme® focuses more on strength training. For more on the ChaLEAN Extreme® program in general, check out my post here – as this post focuses on the first 30-day phase of training – the Burn Phase.

A typical week of the Burn Phase looks like this:

  • Day 1 – Burn Circuit 1
  • Day 2 – Rest
  • Day 3 – Burn Circuit 2
  • Day 4 – Burn Intervals & Ab Burner
  • Day 5 – Burn Circuit 3
  • Day 6 – Burn It Off! & Recharge
  • Day 7 – Rest

Burn Circuit 1 (approx 36 min) – This first workout of the ChaLEAN Extreme® program is pretty intense and uses compound exercises to work your chest, shoulders and legs. My only lingering question – what is Chalene wearing here?!

Burn Circuit 2 (approx 38 min) – Works both the upper and lower body, similarly to Burn Circuit 1. Focuses on the biceps, triceps, legs and back. I really love the music in this circuit, it’s very motivating!

Burn Intervals (approx 50 min) – A super intense workout using interval training, switching it up between cardio and strength “recovery” sets. Chalean and I need to have a sit down on the meaning of the word “recovery” – this routine is an ass-kicker! But I really love how I feel when I’m done with it.

Ab Burner (approx 10 min) – Short and sweet ab workout, and very effective. A few moves I’ve done before, a few that were new to me, I definitely knew I was making progress with my abs when I was done!

Burn Circuit 3 (approx 35 min) – Similar in time and format to Burn Circuits 1 & 2, 3 focuses even more heavily on the legs and shoulders – my calves and hamstrings start to cry at the end of this workout! But in the best way possible.

Burn It Off! (approx 35 min) – Broken down into two “sets” of exercises with a 1 min break in between, these cardio exercises are intense and set up in an interval fashion to give you the highest heart rate possible. After Burn Circuit 3, these exercises are tough on the legs and really bring on the progress. A great and effective cardio workout that rivals my favorite TurboFire® routines!

Recharge (approx 21 min) – This workout emphasizes the importance of stretching and flexibility. It reminds me of Stretch 40 in the TF program, but is shorter and more concise. Recharge is a welcomed gift and uses some (very) simple yoga poses to lubricate your muscles after an intense week of training.


Using the provided calendar and guidebook are essential to staying on-course with this program. Taking notes is key to see how your strength has improved – you can use the workout sheet provided in the guidebook, or if you’re a clean freak like me and want a printable form to write on, you can grab one from the Beachbody website here.

I prefer weights to the resistance bands. I first started with the bands, and found that I was easily annoyed with them and quickly made the switch to weights. I recently acquired a new set of adjustable weights from Ry, and they are my new best buddy.


However, you CAN do this program with no weights if you choose (you might actually prefer it this way) – it’s totally up to you, no additional investment is required either way.

The heaviness of your weights is totally up to you – you have to go with what you are comfortable with, but also don’t be afraid of lifting heavy! I know as I progress through the other phases of this program, I will most likely go a bit heavier, but for most of the Burn Phase I used 8 lbs max (before I was given the adjustable set) – but made the most out of each exercise I did and really pushed my muscles. It is possible to make 5 lbs feel like 20 lbs – and Chalene helps you do just that with this program!

Expect to be sore! I’ve been working out for well over a year using the TurboFire and Brazil Butt Lift programs, and I’ve never been as sore as I’ve been using this program. However, I’ve become addicted to this sore now, and if I don’t feel it, I know I didn’t push myself as hard as I could have!


I’ve had very good success with the first Phase of ChaLEAN Extreme®. I did have some interruption in my training after Week 2 when endured a personal injury that did not allow me to workout for about a week – this really threw my progress off track. However, despite this trouble, I still managed to lose 3.5 lbs during the Burn Phase!


Overall I’m very impressed with the ChaLEAN Extreme® program so far, and I am really looking forward to the Push and Lean phases! This is a great program for someone who is looking to increase their muscle strength and to lean out their body fat.

Message me if you’d like any more information on the ChaLEAN Extreme® program, or if you’d like to give it a go for yourself! I am here to help and coach you along your way!

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