Wishlist – Summer Athletic Wear

Like I mentioned previously, a good athletic wardrobe can empower you in your workouts, give you better results, and make you feel great while kicking butt. Plus, it can be a fun “treat” to yourself when you’ve hit a specific goal.

Here’s a suggestion – For every workout you complete, put a dollar in a jar. At the end of 3 months of workouts, go out any buy yourself a new outfit (in a new size!) to pay yourself back for all that hard work you’ve put in.

I’ve recently been doing a lot of online “window shopping” for fitness gear, and I’ve come across a plethora of amazing finds. Here are some of the picks that have been at the top of my summer athletic wish list:



Durga Bra (Body Rock Sport) – $44.00 – I love the metallic look of this piece, and the shredding across the bust line. It feels both girly and badass at the same time!


Ruby Gloves (Body Rock Sport) – $50.00 – The more I progress with ChaLEAN Extreme, the more I am beating up my hands with callouses. I know these are super girlie and may not be for everyone, but anyone who knows me know that there was never a more perfect pair of gloves for me made in the world. Ever.


Hippie Tank (Palm Beach Athletic Wear) – $42.00 – I am kind of a hippie at heart, and I love all things tie dye – especially in the summer. I’d wear this top for both workouts and for just lounging around with friends. LOVE it.


Spectrum Pant (Palm Beach Athletic Wear) – $73.95 – These pants are super loud, but aren’t they FUN?! They just scream bright and bold, and I’d get a kick out of wearing the heck out of them.


Empress Bra (MICHI) – $125.00 – Okay, so this is a bit of an investment. But HOW COOL is this sports bra, people? I’m drooling.


Turbo Skirt (Turbo Wear) – Currently Unavailable – I’ve been wanting a Turbo Skirt for a very long time. They’re currently unavailable, but I’m sure they’ll be back in the Turbo Wear store again soon. Keep an eye out, they go fast when they do!!


Beast Mode Booty Shorts (Blogilates) – $19.50 – Definitely a more reasonable purchase in terms of budget, these shorts are super fun and really make a statement about how hard you’re working out! Blogilates’ Cassie has a great collection of super cute and affordable athletic wear, and a few dresses and accessories as well. Everything is very stylish and unique – love it all!