Missing Our Friend…

It’s been a very painful couple of days, so I do apologize for the lack of posting this week. I just wanted to bring you all up to speed with what’s been going on, so you know why I’ve been so MIA. (Note: Most of this was copied from my Facebook page, so I apologize if you’re already read it. It’s just too painful to keep re-writing over and over, so I figured a copy/paste would suffice in this instance.)

Ryan and I have lost a very dear friend this week. Our beloved outdoor kitty, Bootsy was struck and killed by a car Memorial Day evening, and we found him the following morning on our street. It’s been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to deal with. We are both so completely devastated by this loss.

Although this scenario was not unimaginable given that Bootsy was an outdoor cat, it is beyond tragic as he was a very cautious, careful and smart soul that was always aware of his surroundings. We adopted Bootsy when he started coming over a few years ago, first carefully and eventually with more ease. In very little time, he was on our front porch every single day, all day long, he had found a new home with us. He had cat-friends that he socialized with, and a heated box to keep him warm throughout the cold winter months. We brought him inside to cuddle on cold days, fed him leftover Thanksgiving dinner, and treated his wounds whenever he came upon them. He was our friend. He was our little buddy.

We truly will not ever be the same without his friendship and love. I pray wherever Bootsy is, that he is happy and that he knows we loved him so very much, with ALL of our hearts, and we are so completely heartbroken that he is gone. We love you, Bootsy. ♥