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Wow! These three months have just flown by. Last night was my final ChaLEAN Extreme® Lean Phase workout, meaning I have officially completed the CX program! I feel like I just defeated a boss on a video game or something. Level up! 

Have I said before that I love this workout? Because I really do. I truly believe its changed my entire perspective on working out. Coming from a history of being very cardio-dependent, I was shocked to see how my body has responded to strength training. In fact, I am so pleased with this program, I will be starting a ChaLEAN Extreme®/TurboFire® Hybrid schedule next – truly the best of both worlds.

The third and final phase of ChaLEAN Extreme® is the Lean Phase. It is set up similarly to both the Burn Phase and Push Phase months, but with the replacement of the Lean Circuits.

A typical week of the Push Phase looks like this:

  • Day 1 – Lean Circuit 1
  • Day 2 – Rest
  • Day 3 – Lean Circuit 2
  • Day 4 – Burn Intervals & Ab Burner/Extreme Abs
  • Day 5 – Lean Circuit 3
  • Day 6 – Burn It Off! & Recharge
  • Day 7 – Rest

CE_DeluxeWorkoutsIt should also be noticed that I did slightly modify the cardio days in the Lean Circuit. When I first purchased ChaLEAN Extreme®, I went ahead and ordered the Deluxe DVDs along with the standard discs in the program. This allowed me to swap out the cardio routines for more intense versions, as I felt I could handle a tougher workout. I replaced Burn Intervals with Lean Intervals, I’ve Got Abs for Ab Burner & Extreme Abs, and the Fat-Burn Challenge for Burn it Off!

So my “typical” Lean Circuit weeks looked more like this:

  • Day 1 – Lean Circuit 1
  • Day 2 – Rest
  • Day 3 – Lean Circuit 2
  • Day 4 – Lean Intervals & I’ve Got Abs!
  • Day 5 – Lean Circuit 3
  • Day 6 – Fat-Burn Challenge & Recharge
  • Day 7 – Rest

Also included in the Deluxe Upgrade Kit (if purchased separately) are four other amazing workouts that I’m very excited to try out (and will be later reviewed separately): Lower Body Extreme Zone, Extreme Core Circuit, Extreme Intervals, and Dynamic Flow Yoga.

I will be reviewing the Deluxe cardio/ab workouts I did in this phase, because they were truly a part of my Lean Phase “experience”. However, if you’re looking for reviews on Burn Intervals, Ab Burner or Extreme Abs, you can check out my previous reviews for the Burn Phase and Push Phase.

Here’s what the workouts looked like:

Lean Circuit 1 (approx 45 minutes) – This workout is a bit longer than the previous circuits, but that’s really only because you are taking your time. The workout doesn’t feel any longer than the previous Circuits. In the Lean month, you’re focusing on working your upper and lower body together at the same time, which is great for an additional cardio effect. This circuit focuses on biceps and triceps, along with your core and lower body. You take the time to work each muscle to failure (this month failure is between 10-12 reps) and you “go extreme” after every set. My arms and legs are definitely toast by the end of this workout!

Lean Circuit 2 (approx 40 minutes) – Focusing more on lats and delts, this workout for me is a bit of a struggle to get through (in a good way!). Working from runners lunge and plank poses really get your body pushing through this intense workout.

Lean Intervals (approx 42 minutes) – Similar to Burn Intervals, Lean Intervals is a cardio and strength training interval routine. However, unlike Burn Intervals, you work the upper and lower body together – which really gets your heart rate going. From kickboxing drills, jump rope drills, plyo plank jumps, to mountain climbers, you’ll be pouring sweat by the time 40 minutes passes.

I’ve Got Abs! (approx 15 minutes) – I love that I have so many Ab workout options with ChaLEAN Extreme. I get bored easily, and with these routines being relatively short, I would imagine doing the same one over and over would only bore me. This routine is short and sweet, but very intense. Weighted crunches, planks, back extensions and more will get your abs worked in no time.

Lean Circuit 3 (approx 40 minites) – Another tough and intense circuit, this workout focuses on chest and shoulders mainly, but like the other circuits in the Lean Phase, it works both upper and lower body at the same time. The workouts are intense, but boy do they work!

Fat-Burn Challenge (approx 30 minutes) – If you’re looking for a quick and very effective cardio routine, this is the one for you. For this program alone, I was thrilled that I bought the CX deluxe DVDs. This workout is short and very intense, and I drip with sweat by the time its over with. Burpees, prison lunges (feels like you’re in prison, I tell ya!), leaps and jumping jacks are just some of what’s included.

Recharge (approx 20 min) – Same program as reviewed in the Burn Phase, click here to read!


Here’s me after a typical Lean Circuit cardio routine. Good look, huh?


I can’t really say enough how much I loved this program. I definitely think the Lean Phase has been my favorite during ChaLEAN Extreme®, just because of how much my body has responded to strength and cardio together, but I truly love all the phases each in their own way. I enjoyed that with the Lean Phase, there was a new “cast” of characters in the routines to work out with – it really felt like I had upgraded to a new class!

I maintained much of the higher weights that I utlized during the Push Phase, but in some cases had to knock them down slightly so I could maintain a higher number of reps. Chalene states many times during the program, that its not about the number on the weight that you’re lifting, but the resistance in your muscles. I really concentrated on form, and making sure I was utilizing my muscles in the appropriate way – and they really responded to that! I feel that I really learned a lot about strength training in general during not only this phase, but the ChaLEAN Extreme program in general.


I started this program already well over a year into my fitness journey. Before starting ChaLEAN Extreme®, I’d already lost 22 lbs with the use of my first Beachbody programs, Brazil Butt Lift and TurboFire. My goal for ChaLEAN Extreme® was not to lose weight, but to gain strength in my body and lean up. And I definitely hit these goals! I’ve lost inches from my body, while maintaining my weight, so without a doubt I have leaned out my body.


If you have yet to figure it out, I think you’re not really reading my reviews – because I just love this program. I love what it’s done for me both physically and mentally – I actually feel like I’ve become a better person, as crazy as that sounds! I am looking forward to my workouts more than ever, I can do things I never thought I could before, and I’m very happy with my body. I was sad yesterday upon completion of the final workout of the Lean Phase, until I realized that I wouldn’t be saying goodbye to ChaLEAN Extreme® any time soon. My next phase in my journey will be a hybrid program of ChaLEAN Extreme® and TurboFire®, and I really think it could be the best thing that’s ever happened to my workout routine. ChaLEAN Extreme® has done amazing things for my strength, and TurboFire® remains my favorite cardio-intense program of all time. I can’t imagine how well my body may respond if I marry the two together.

I’ll be reviewing and updating on my progress with the hybrid schedule next. Want in on the program with me? Send me a message and we will get you started right away!


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