Guest Post – You Can Still Workout While Traveling

With vacation season among us, it is a great time to point out that you can still get a great workout in on the road! LifeAficionada reader Mike Manning has been kind enough to submit this great article on working out while traveling, and I encourage all that are taking a trip this summer to check it out!


Many people feel that it’s difficult to keep up their regular fitness routines while traveling for extended periods of time. With an increasingly health conscious society, however, the hospitality industry has responded by providing opportunities for travelers to workout. Many hotels have added or expanded on-site gymnasiums and some have even added walking paths around their properties so their guests have an opportunity to keep up an active lifestyle even while away from home.

When making travel arrangements, people should look for what fitness accommodations their hotels provide. On a recent trip to Maui I was able to book great accommodations by checking on a travel review site. Here I could scroll through all of the Maui hotels and pick and choose which ones had the right amenities for me.

According to a February 2013 New York Times article, both Sheraton and Hilton hotels have partnered with gym companies to promote fitness among their clientele. Even hotels that have not formally partnered with a fitness or gym company will usually have some basic equipment such as a treadmill, a few dumbbells and other light equipment so you can get a basic workout in.

Omni Hotels and Resorts in Texas even provides guests with a fitness bag so they can transform their room into a gym! Their guest services department will give guests a floor mat, two dumbbells and an elastic fitness band, so guests can workout in the privacy of their own rooms!

Travelers can also pack certain fitness equipment with them, such as a jumprope. A jump rope will only take up a small amount of space and provides a great form of aerobic exercise.

Fitness is especially important for those who regularly crisscross the country on business trips. Long hours in the air and the constant demand of meetings and work while traveling can easily lead to a lack of physical activity. In addition to getting workouts in at their hotels, business travelers in some instances can find opportunities to work out at airports when waiting for their flights to depart. San Francisco International Airport offers a yoga and zen room for passengers and Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport has added walking paths in several concourses. Whether a traveler is just departing or on a long layover, more and more airports are offering opportunities to get a quick workout in.

No matter what your destination, travelers can always find opportunities to work out, whether they use an onsite gym, utilize walking paths in an airport or pack their own workout equipment.

Post by Mike Manning: A fitness and healthy living enthusiast. You can find more of Mike’s writing at his blog.