Vanilla Shakeology® Recipe Calendar

I’ve been going crazy about the release of Vanilla Shakeology® ever since it was announced last week. I ordered my first bag immediately, without even testing the product, because my faith in Beachbody is that strong – I knew without a doubt this flavor would be delicious. And I was surely not disappointed.

My bag arrived two days ago (it shipped so quickly!), and I’ve been in vanilla-la-la-land ever since. The formula is naturally vanilla-tasting (you can taste the real vanilla bean!) and is a great base to work off of with recipe varieties. I’ve already had a few people ask me about Vanilla Shakeology® recipes, so I thought it would be a good idea to post this handy recipe calendar for my readers to utilize – I already have one plastered to the front of my fridge! (Click to enlarge)



You can order your own bag of the NEW Vanilla Shakeology® right here! And please, let me know which recipes you try and how you like them! I am excited to try them all!