We’re Engaged!!

You know, I have to admit… there were moments I thought this day would never come.

Ry and I have been together a beautiful and long 8 + years. We were that couple that everyone liked to constantly ask “so when are you two gonna get married?!” at like, every. party. function. I got used to simply shrugging my shoulders and smiling, saying quietly “one day…” and trailing off. It was second nature to me after about the fourth or fifth year.

Well, it looks like I’m going to have to train myself to have a new response! Ry & I are engaged! I’ve been in a state of dizziness ever since, so its taken me a few days to even be able to write this post – just out of pure excitement and joy!! I can barely contain myself. ­čśë But, I just had to share this story with my readers.

You may recall that I posted earlier that Ry was taking me away for the 4th of July holiday. It turns out, he had more in mind than a simple overnight getaway.

He didn’t tell me where we were going – he only offered very few small hints (basically just so I knew what to pack!) He told me to bring a swimsuit, and to bring comfy clothes. All I knew is that sounded like a good time to me!!

We woke up early on the 4th, and I managed to get in a great workout before we hit the road. (I was later grateful that I got the workout in, because little did I know how much indulging we would be doing throughout the weekend!) We planned on eating on the road, but the ride only took about 2 hours, so we decided in the car to just eat once we got settled in at our destination (wherever that could be…)

I noticed signs starting to read “Bowling Green” and “Toledo”, so I knew the general idea of where we were going – but I still had no idea of the final destination. After driving in the wrong direction once we got off the exit for about 20 minutes (ahem), I pulled out my Google Maps (always helpful) and we found our way to the hotel – the beautiful Belamere Suites in Perrysburg, Ohio. It sits at at the end of an industrial parkway, which we both thought was a bit odd (Ry actually seemed upset as we were pulling in), but once we got into the hotel parking lot we didn’t even notice the other buildings around us – the location was quiet and serene, and very beautiful.

It turns out, the hotel was specifically designed for couples either celebrating a wedding, engagement, anniversary, or other romantic getaway. The suites are strictly for two guests only – so no big crazy parties here, guys! And immediately the idea of a romantic suite for the two of us sounded like a heavenly idea to me.

When we first checked in I was led away by one of the hotel attendants to look at their “Wish Tree”. A beautiful tree near their front entrance, visitors write down their “wishes” and place them on the tree during the checkout process. They told me for every wish placed on the tree, a donation was made to the Make a Wish foundation, which sounded like a lovely and thoughtful touch.


Belamere Suites Wish Tree

I was blown away when we were given the keys and garage door opener (!!) to our suite. Looking like a condo from the outside I had no idea what was to come inside…

When we first opened the door to the suite, we were greeted by a large 18′ x 11′ heated swimming pool. Yes, our own indoor swimming pool! At that point, I was already squealing – when Ry said bring my swimsuit, I envisioned a community pool somewhere, not our own private pool to play around in. The young Ariel in me was very pleased. Next to the pool was a full-size dry heat sauna – perfect to melt away all of our aches and pains!

As if this wasn’t amazing enough – it was only the first floor. We walk upstairs and are greeted by a 100-gallon jacuzzi tub with jets and a two-person (more like ten-person!) slate walk-in shower with dual heads. Talk about perfection (and super cleanliness!) – we could be water babies all day!

Although the best was truly yet to come.

I turned the corner into our sleeping area – a large flat screen TV on the wall, a beautiful crystal fireplace beneath, and a gorgeous king-sized bed…

With the words “Will You Marry Me” written in rose petals on it.

:: Cue the hysterical crying by Shannon ::


Photo taken after I composed myself ­čśë

At this point, I dropped the luggage and paperwork in my hands and completely just fell into Ry’s arms. The emotion was just overwhelming. Between crying and laughing and not really being able to breathe – I managed to squeak out a “YES!”. The moment was just so perfect. Unexpected and unforgettable.

After wiping our faces and gathering ourselves, we decided we were at this point starving and it was time to go hunt out some food. Being that it was the 4th of July, our options were limited in terms of local restaurants that were open, but that didn’t stop us from finding the perfect spot – the Tea Tree Asian Bistro. They really helped to make a special and romantic late lunch for us – where we enjoyed delicious sushi and a special congratulatory red velvet/vanilla bean dessert.


Engagement Sushi! – “Lover” Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll and Avocado Roll


Red Velvet Vanilla Bean Dessert – So delicious!!

We spent the rest of our day traveling around the Perrysburg area, grabbing dinner at Bar Louie (yet again the only open restaurant in the area – but quite delicious!), and enjoying some R&R in our amazing private suite. Check out this video of what it looked like below!


We saw these beautiful sand sculptures throughout Perrysburg on the 4th. So cool!


Ry & I at Bar Louie in Perrysburg

We were only able to spend this one day away (for now) due to our busy schedules, but having the opportunity to spend this romantic time with Ry was simply priceless. He did an amazing job at making this moment so unique and special for me/us, and I am overjoyed to be able to call him my fianc├ę.

I look forward to our upcoming journeys together with all of my heart – planning our wedding and honeymoon, as well as preparing for the next steps in our lives together as husband and wife.

I love this man more than anything in this world – he is my advocate, my counselor, and my best friend. We laugh every single day and cherish our good fortune of finding each other. We continually have grown together over the last 8 years into an amazing and rock-solid team, and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve become as one.

I swear, I am the luckiest girl alive!


Soon-To-Be Bride & Groom! <3

Now, I am going to continue riding on this high that I’ve been on since the our holiday together. I have a feeling it’s going to last quite some time!