Fall Shakeology Recipes

Holy crap. It’s been over a month since I’ve posted here. Man, do I feel awful about that – I’m sorry guys. I’ve missed you so much!

The past few weeks have just been insane. What started off as just being busy moving out of my house into my fiancés and being overloaded with work, turned into complete chaos when my father took a really bad turn with his health. I’ve been in and out of hospitals nearly every day for the past month, and I really had to adjust my life priorities to follow suit.

Without getting into the crazy details (in all honesty, I’m exhausted by the situation and it frankly depresses me to no end to discuss it), things are actually starting to look better for my Dad. We are all aware he still has some road bumps ahead of him, but in the meantime, we can all breathe a sign of relief knowing that he will be around for a while yet. Thank you to all that have sent in your prayers – they have without a doubt been answered. I love you all!

Now, onto the blog… and I do promise that I will be around more in the near future.

Today I am sharing some delicious fall Shakeology recipes. During my month off, I stumbled on quite a few that sounded just insanely delicious. They are perfect for the Fall/Autumn season, and you’ll even be able to enjoy them throughout the Winter as these delicious flavors never seem to fade away when its cold.

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