Let The Wedding Planning Commence!

Wow – it’s been a while.

Since my last post, my life has (thankfully) calmed down some, and recently I’ve settled into some sense of normalcy again. My father is doing much better health-wise than we was a few months ago, and I’ve managed to get back into a normal schedule of sorts over the past few weeks. This blog went by the wayside while I was organizing and maintaining other areas of my life, but I’m excited to be able to devote more time here again now that things have gotten more back to normal. So, what did you guys miss in the meantime? Here’s a quick recap of my life since we’ve last met:

  • I’ve gotten back into my freelance design work on top of my print company (I’d taken a leave from the design when my father was ill).
  • I found a home for my dear sweet cat Marty. This was incredibly difficult for me, but I had to find him a home due to him not being able to socialize with the cats at our home. It was painful, but I prayed so much and we ended up finding him a really good home. He is now “king of the castle”. I’ll miss him dearly.
  • I am still looking for a renter for my home – the search is tough, but again, I am praying for the right person to come along!
  • I have begun organization of my closet room – yes, and entire room in our house devoted to my clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry and accessories. My dream come true! It’s definitely a lot of work (and Pinterest-ing), but I can’t wait to share the finished product with you all!
  • Ryan and I are officially planning our wedding!

Speaking of our wedding – I am beyond excited about our big day. I still can’t even believe it’s a reality – but it’s finally our time!

It’s looking like our date will be in September 2015 – so we have a while yet ahead of us, but I’m excited because that means ample planning time! And yes, I’ve become a little obsessed with our planning as of lately – who wouldn’t after a decade of dating?! I’ve started a Wedding Tumblr, and after much thought and consideration, I plan on expanding this blog to include our wedding plans, inspirations, fun wedding tips and DIY, and how we plan on not breaking the bank for our big day. It will all be featured here, along with the same content you’ve come to know and love from LifeAficionada.

Here is a  “Wedding” Introduction for those who don’t know me:

Who I Am: My name is Shannon and I’m a lifestyle blogger and design enthusiast. My fiancé, Ryan, and I have been together for almost nine years. We’re currently living near Cleveland, Ohio.

Wedding Location: We are planning on having a destination wedding, however our thoughts have shifted a bit from the initial idea of a tropical location, and we are actually focusing on the Las Vegas area now for our ceremony. But no “Elvis Blue Bell Chapel” weddings for us! We are looking at beautiful hotels both on the strip and in nearby Lake Las Vegas for our ceremony location. We are also planning on having a low-key local reception upon our return, to celebrate our day with those who cannot make the trip.

Wedding Date: September 2015

My Style: Classic and feminine. And although I’ve reblogged about 10,000 dresses already, I have yet to try a single one on yet. So I have no idea what I’ll end up with – very exciting!

We will be heading to Las Vegas in January to scope out locations and I am beyond excited! So please keep a look out, and be sure to share any wedding tips and/or stories you may have along the way! We have a big year(+) ahead of us of planning, and I plan on keeping you guys included every step of the way!