Wedding Dress Trend: Sleeves

Woo-hoo! My first real WEDDING blog post! =)

Honestly, sleeves are something I never envisioned for my wedding dress when I was young. I always saw myself in a pouffy tulle ball gown, with either spaghetti straps or a strapless neckline. Even when I worked at a Bridal Salon, I was never drawn to the gowns with any type of sleeve – they looked overly modest and demure, and I never pictured myself as either of those things. It didn’t help that the designs featuring sleeves were rather nonexistent ten years ago. However, things seem to have drastically changed in the bridal design world since those days.

Since the marriage of Kate Middleton to Prince William in 2011, wedding gown sleeves are flourishing, and we’ve all been seeing them everywhere – magazines, runways, even local bridal shops. Since my engagement in July, I’ve been doing a healthy amount of wedding gown perusing online, and wouldn’t you know – nearly all of my “early favorites” have the one thing I promised they never would – sleeves. I just can’t help myself. They are beautiful, classy, and yes – even sexy!

Now, there is no reason to jump to the conclusion that my final wedding gown will have sleeves. I mean, anything can happen, and I haven’t even physically tried on a single dress yet. However, I’m definitely drawn to these beautiful gowns!

Check out some of my favorite wedding gown sleeves below. For more beautiful wedding gown inspiration, check out my Wedding Tumblr!



Beautiful off-the-shoulder lace sleeves


Love these full length sleeves paired with a sweetheart neckline and long veil


Gorgeous three-quarter length lace sleeves


Delicate neckline with full-length sleeves


Sweetheart neckline with long lace sleeves


Beautiful lace flutter sleeves


Long sleeves ideal for a winter wedding – love this bouquet, too!


Long lace sleeves ideal for a bohemian wedding


Short lace cap sleeves

What are your thoughts on wedding dress sleeves? Too modest – or just right?