21 Day Fix – Review and Results (Round One)


So, you’ve heard me talk a lot about the 21 Day Fix before. The program, designed by (the ridiculously beautiful) Autumn Calabrese, is both a fitness program and a portion controlled meal plan, all in one. For those who may have missed my previous posts, you can read about the program in its entirety here.

I decided about a month ago to take the challenge and do the 21 Day Fix program with some other folks in a Challenge Group. I have to admit, it seemed rather intimidating when I first read about it. How restrictive would it be? Would I be hungry all the time? Would I be missing out on all of my favorite foods?

Well, three weeks later, here I am… and I have to say the answer to all of those questions is a clear and definite no.

The 21 Day Fix program, for me, was a blessing. Having been with Beachbody for over two years now, I have a few of their programs under my best – Brazil Butt Lift, TurboFire, ChaLEAN Extreme… I love them all. However, after I grew tired of logging all of my calories onto MyFitnessPal each and every day, I noticed my weight began to plateau, and eventually after the holiday season and then the rough circumstances regarding my father, began to increase, around 8 pounds or so. Even though I was keeping up with my workouts, my results weren’t the same, and in fact, they were shrinking. The problem laid entirely within my eating.

I had begun eating larger portions – even if it was with healthy food options! – losing track of what a “normal” portion size should really look like (not just the image I had in my head – a fist? a giant fist?).

21dayfix_containersThen, I found the Fix. Autumn’s easy-to-follow container system literally lays it all out for you. There’s a container for each type of food group (yellow – carbs, red – protein, and so on..) and you simply are allotted a certain amount of each container each day. That’s it. If it fits, you can eat it. 

Warning: the containers look tiny when you first get the package. My first reaction was “EEEK THESE ARE SO SMALL!” (yes, that was my exact phrasing, too), but once I fill them up and place them on a plate, it actually comes out to be a lot of food. Sometimes, I can’t even finish it all.

Now, the 21 Day Fix does come with a handy meal planning guide that I highly recommend you reference at every turn, at least for the first week or so. It lists healthy suggestions for each container, as well as providing some awesomely delicious recipes for all meals of the day, as well as salad dressings and spice mixes you can use to really jazz up your meals – with no added calories. These recipes have been lifesavers to me! It’s a great starting off point, especially if this “way” of eating is new to you.

And guess what?

There are freebies and cheats, too! Yes, really.

And yes, I ate pizza during The 21 Day Fix. On a different day, I had a burger. Yup, seriously. All 21-Day Fix “approved”.

And I lost 4 pounds.

Now, the 21 Day Fix isn’t all about the food you know. You do gotta break a sweat, too 😉

But I have to say, even at 7 days a week, it feels very manageable because the workouts are only 30 minutes each. I literally had no days where I couldn’t “find the time” to workout – there was always an opportunity to squeeze in 30 minutes. The workouts range from very intense to complete recovery – and I love them all dearly. Each day you are focusing completely on a different part of your body, so your system never gets “bored” and also isn’t prone to injury.  It would be hard to pick a favorite workout, since they are all pretty awesome for various reasons, but I really enjoy Dirty 30 (that just sounds fun, right?!), Pilates Fix and Yoga Fix a lot.

Today I am beginning Round 2 of the program with even more people in the Challenge Group who have been so excited with our results from Round 1 that they decided to jump on board too! I am excited to see what another 21 Days bring – I can imagine only great things!

There are still a few spots left for the next Challenge Group, message me if you want “in” – we’ll get you set up right away!