The Electric Run Cleveland


If there is one thing in this world that makes me really happy, its over the top fashion and a lot of FUN. Pair that with a healthy lifestyle and time with friends, and I am just over the moon excited.

This weekend I signed up Ry and I for The Electric Run in Cleveland, which will take place June 20th at the Cuyahoga County Fair. We are teaming up with a larger group of friends, so it should be an amazing time.

If you haven’t heard of The Electric Run yet, you are missing you! Check out this amazing video below that totally hypes me up for the race:


Also, here is a small gallery of images that I’ve found online that show just how amazing and FUN this race is going to be!

Now, all I need is the perfect tutu. I am officially on the hunt!

I found these this weekend on Etsy, however, I am still looking as well! Gotta be the perfect one! 😉 haha I am SUCH a dork!

For more information on the Electric Run Cleveland, click here!