Review: Vega Sport Protein Bar

I was so excited to be accepted as a SweatPink ambassador recently, and I was even more excited when I was chosen to review these awesome protein bars by Vega Sport as part of the Fuel Your Better campaign! When I was contacted that I was chosen, I was given a list of products to choose from. Full disclosure – there were a lot of products I didn’t choose simply because of the ingredients listed. As we all know, I am an anti-artificial sweetener champion, and there were some Vega Sport products that contained artificial sweeteners that I stayed away from.

There are not many products in the fitness nutrition area I feel that I need outside of Beachbody. I am ridiculously happy with my daily usage of Shakeology, P90X Energy and Endurance for pre-workout, and P90X Results and Recovery post-workout. I don’t have much of a need for anything else – but from time to time, I do enjoy a good protein bar. And a good one can surely be hard to find.

I was pleased as bunch to see Vega Sport’s Protein Bar line was made without the use of artificial sweeteners, and I knew instantly this was the product I wanted to try. I chose the delicious-sounding Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor, and I anxiously awaited its arrival.

When the box came, I was delighted to see I had more than a few, so I could share the bars with others for their opinions as well. I must say, I loved the flavor, and so did everyone I shared with! It’s rich and filling without any funny textures, and it has a sweet chocolatey peanut butter flavor. The only downfall that I can see is that no stores around me sell Vega products, so I’ll have to hunt these out online (not too big of a deal, but I do like the convenience of purchasing things from a store when possible to avoid shipping costs).

I highly recommend these bars to those looking for a yummy protein alternative to sub into their meal plans every now and then. Due to the sugar content, I don’t advise eating them daily – but they are a great go-to when on the run, or just wanting a fun change of pace.  (But honestly, this goes for nearly ALL protein bars I’ve encountered).

Side note – I was very much delayed  in getting this review up, and I apologize to both SweatPink and Vega Sport for that!