Warby Parker: Spring 2015 Preview

As a girl who relies heavily on her glasses to see (I’ve never been able to stomach the idea of contacts), having a pair to wear that I feel truly comfortable with is essential.  When shopping for new glasses, I frequently try on a multitude of styles before deciding on the perfect pair. A pair of glasses is an important purchase – the shape, weight and color of your frames can make a huge difference on how you look in the mirror, so it’s important you are confident with your purchase.

The idea of buying frames online was pretty much laughable to me – how in the world would you ever be sure to find a decent pair, when you couldn’t try them on?

Enter Warby Parker – the game changer. Warby Parker not only features some of the best eyewear for sale on the internet, they also give you the option of a home try-on. For free.

You simply choose 5 frames you’d like to try on, and Warby Parker sends them to you – totally free. You have 5 days to try them on, ask your hubby what he thinks of them, and decide on your favorites. Then, you hop online to the Warby Parker website and place your order for your custom frames, and send back the try-on frames, postage paid. All in all, it’s quite the easy process – and totally risk free!  I have a feeling my in-store glasses shopping days are numbered!

I’m especially excited about the Spring 2015 collection by Warby Parker, which is debuting today (January 13). The collection makes me yearn for Spring and the natural colors the season brings. Shades of turquoise waters and sandy beaches abundant, this collection evokes memories of Spring’s best qualities, with a slight nautical twist.

Check out some of my favorite styles below!

There are definitely a plethora of hot styles to choose from – I know I won’t have any trouble choosing 5 to try-on at home!

Another thing I love about Warby Parker is that in addition to being high-fashion, they are worldly conscious. For every pair of glasses sold, Warby Parker will donate a pair to someone in need through one of their non-profit partners. Even more reason to give this awesome brand a shot!

So, which styles from the Spring 2015 collection by Warby Parker “catch your eye”? Comment below with your faves!