Wedding Plans: 219 Days Away!

219 days from today, I will be marrying my best friend in the entire world. The guy laughs with me until we are both in tears, the guy that whistles and sings around the house, the guy that can find a solution to any problem. I swear – I still feel like I am in the “honeymoon phase” of our engagement – some days it’s hard to believe it’s even real. Having been together for a decade now, I can hardly remember a time in my life without Ryan in it. I can’t believe how much we’ve already experienced together – and now I look forward to all we have to share ahead.

Sometime last year, the day we decided on our actual wedding date, I was feeling frisky and I installed a countdown app on my iPhone called Dreamdays. (I really don’t waste any time with these types of things). I immediately plugged in our date, and saw some ridiculous number somewhere in the 500’s. I knew I had plenty of time ahead. Today the countdown clock reads 219 days – and I know our day is coming up, full steam ahead.

Thankfully, due to my type-A tendencies, I got on the planning ball pretty early. (I bet you didn’t see that one coming). We actually have a great majority of our wedding plans in place – although, since I last updated you guys on our plans, lots has changed.

We had originally tossed around the idea of a Destination Wedding, and we were actually quite close to booking a wedding in Las Vegas. Early last year we even took a flight out there to check out a few wedding locations in person – all of which were really beautiful and special in their own way. A couple of things changed our minds soon after the trip. First, even though it is actually unrelated to our wedding, I got very sick on our trip, and I was violently ill the entire time. You could say the trip literally “left a bad taste in my mouth”. Secondly, the passing of my father really left me with a personal desire to be closer to home for my wedding. So close, in fact, that we chose a venue that is extremely closely associated with some of my best memories of my Dad. Lastly, there were the logistics of a Vegas wedding in general – the hotel rooms, the flights, and trying to rally a bridal party in one of the busiest cities in the world – really left us both feeling as though there were better options.

In addition to our amazing venue, here is what else we already have checked off our list!

  • I’ve purchased my wedding gown, veil and shoes (THE MOST FUN THING EVER)
  • I’ve chosen bridesmaids gowns for my bridal party (They are going to all look gorgeous!)
  • I’ve chosen dresses for the flower girls and received swatches from the designer on color options (They’re gonna be so freaking SWEET I can’t even stand it!)
  • Florist (our family’s go-to florist)
  • DJ/Lighting  (Ry’s good friend)
  • Photographer/Videographer (a college schoolmate)
  • Cake Baker (a dear and oh-so talented friend)
  • Officiant (she is SO lovely!)

We are now in the extremely fun stage of planning our honeymoon (so many ideas! so many options!), as well as sending out our Save the Dates, which hopefully I will be mailing by the end of the month. We surely have more to plan and do in the months ahead, and I am looking forward to every single step! I am especially excited for my first dress fitting – I can’t wait to put that gorgeous gown on again – this time, with my veil and shoes!

Speaking of my shoes, I will be updating you on the story of how I found them very soon – let’s just say it was a very special day in so many ways.

That’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed hearing about our planning along the way! More to come, I’m sure, very soon! 😉