Trend I Love: Rose Gold

Similar to a feline, anything that sparkles has a tendency of catching my eye. A hint of glitter, sparkle, glisten… and I’m in.

I typically wear all white-gold or silver jewelry, although I do have a couple of yellow gold pieces in my wardrobe that I will break out for the right outfit. My engagement ring is white gold, all of my earrings are the same – it would take a lot to draw my eye away from the white-gold pieces out there.

Enter rose gold.

The beautiful tone, which I am seeing everywhere this season, is warm and rich, and completely sets itself apart from the white and yellow gold colors we are so used to seeing.

Now, don’t count my white-gold infatuation out. I still consider white and yellow gold to be more appropriate “every day” gold tones for myself personally, ones that I can wear each and every day without much thought. However, if I’m looking to break the mold once in a while, and stand out from the crowd – rose gold is my new favorite go-to.

My favorite pieces are ones that are tri-color, meaning they incorporate the usage of all three gold colors – white, yellow, and rose, making it very easy to pair rose gold pieces within your existing jewelry collection. In addition, its my personal opinion that these days, matching golds is not as important as it used to be. Wear what you love and what you feel is appropriate, and you can never go wrong.

I’m not just seeing rose gold in jewelry, either! Shoes, purses, accessories, and more – I’m seeing the shimmery shade everywhere this year.

Check out some of my favorite items – from budget to splurge-worthy, available this season in the glorious shades of rose gold!

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