Splurge Alert: Dirty Pretty Things Jewelry

I recently met up with my friend Jillian for lunch, and after noticing her gorgeous earrings – a pair of yellow gold angel wings, I couldn’t help myself to ask her where she had gotten them. They really caught my eye – and looked quite expensive from first sight. I remember her telling me the name of the shop right away, but after our lunch, I’d eventually forgotten the name, and it took me a while to remember to ask her for it again… and I’m kind of mad it took me so long, actually.

Dirty Pretty Things is located in Cleveland, Ohio – which is lucky news for me. Since I found my way to the website two weeks age, I’ve managed to place so many orders that I think the sweet and oh-so-talented gals that own the store must be wondering what is wrong with me.

I instantly was drawn to everything the site had to offer – the designs are both modern and timeless, balancing the line between light and dark. Most pieces are perfectly my style – a classic look with a tough edge, just enough to stand out and be seen, without being obtrusive or obnoxious. They are items that can be worn in a variety of situations, from a night out on the town, to the office if you’re feeling frisky. It really feels like there are “no rules” to this line, simply enjoying each piece as you wear them – either separately, or together for an amazing and fierce look. They’ve all got adorable product names too – the whole line is just beyond great.


GradeAHowever, the best part of all the pieces I’ve seen thus far is their amazing quality. Everything has arrived sturdy, heavy, with amazing clasps and closures, and high quality chains. I truly believe the value is far beyond what I paid for everything – as nearly everything on the website is currently heavily discounted. Yes, really, NOW is the time to buy – as I have a feeling these items won’t be in stock much longer. (Not if I have any say about it, at least! Bwahahaha!) I honestly feel like I got away with a great deal here, amazing pieces that look much more expensive than they actually were – everything is grade “A” to me!

I actually would have posted about the brand sooner, but I had to wait until I gave Nicole her Birthday present (basically all DPT stuff!) otherwise I know she would have gone to the site herself and bought herself everything before her Birthday (which is today!) – Happy Birthday to my sweet BFF Nicole!

I highly suggest you guys check out the DPT Jewelry website, and pick up a few items for yourself or a friend!