Oscars 2015 – Top 14 Red Carpet Looks

Last night’s Academy Awards show was in my opinion, not the show-stopper that last year’s show was. Although I very much enjoyed Neil Patrick Harris as a host, I felt the show dragged on. Also, I’m sure a big part of my mentality was that I was not too emotionally involved with the nominations and winners, as I was last year.

Despite the shows lackluster feel, I was really impressed with many of the gowns I was seeing. I thought overall the fashion this year was much stronger than last year’s showings, and I thought many of the looks were much more well put together.

Here are my top picks from the show last night.

I cannot close this post without at least mentioning Lady Gaga’s oh-so amazing tribute performance of “The Sound of Music”. When Gaga (who looked quite possibly the best I’ve ever seen her look) finished her jaw-dropping set, and Julie Andrews met her on the stage, I would be lying if I said I didn’t shed a few years. What a moment, and what a beautiful ending to the show!

gaga - julie andrews

What were your favorite looks (and moments) from the show last night?