Review: Joy & Karma Vitamin C Serum

When I was first contacted to do a review of Joy & Karma’s Vitamin C Serum, I had to do a little research. I had never even heard of a Vitamin C serum before – was it a product for my face? my hair? an after dinner snack?

After doing a little reading (er, Googling), I found out that serums like this one are typically used on the face to smooth skin and fine aging lines, but can be used for a variety of different things. I even read of one user using the serums on her hands to give her hands a younger look. It sounded intriguing to me.

Joy and Karma 03

I excitedly signed up to receive my bottle, and anxiously awaited its arrival. It took a little while longer than expected to arrive – until I realized that the package had been left at my office back door, and was literally frozen outside. Yikes! I was scared the product was ruined when I finally saved it from its frozen state – however, luckily after it thawed out, the consistency of the serum seemed to be just fine. ::whew::

I tried the serum first the following morning. With a clean face, under all other products, I applied the serum. It felt smooth against my skin (smelled nice, too!), and quickly dried in place. I noticed my skin felt “tight” after it was applied, however there was no tackiness to my skin at all. I applied my moisturizer next, then proceeded on with my makeup routine.

The formula is rather thin, more thin that I actually expected – but if you’re careful when placing it in your hand (it can slip between your fingers), it applies easily. Not too much is needed, I just use a few drops at a time until my face is covered. The bottle uses an eye-dropper top, that makes it easy to precisely place the serum if needed.

I’ve been consistently using the serum for about a week now, typically in the morning before my makeup routine as listed above. Some nights I have also chosen to apply the serum again when I have removed all of my makeup for the day and I once again have a clean face. I admit to really liking the feel of my face with the serum applied – its soft and smooth.

In addition to a smooth feel to my skin, I have also noticed a few other things that are leaving me quite happy. The first of which is that I have had a few small discolorations on my face from previous acne (nothing major, just a few pimples that left a longer lasting mark than I would have preferred). Since I’ve started using the Vitamin C serum, I’ve noticed all of my spots either shrink or completely fade away.

I also began applying the serum on my under eye area – which if you know me at all, is a huge area of concern for me all the time. I have crazy dark under eye bags from genetics on both sides of my family – so its something I’ve been trying to find a solution for since basically middle school. WARNING: I have not read any information on the safety of using this serum on under eye bags, I did this completely on my own due to the results I was seeing in other areas of my face. (I know some people have very sensitive under eye areas and I don’t want to assume it will work for everyone, or even if this is exactly how this product is recommended for use) – however, I have seen positive results in this area as well. I will even go as far to say I can see results immediately after applying the serum to my under eye bags – they become lighter and tighter, almost instantly.  It definitely caught my attention. Now, its not like my under eye bags completely disappear, but I can see a noticeable improvement with this product, which definitely makes me eager to keep on using it.

Joy and Karma 04

GradeAI can honestly say I will be keeping this product in my arsenal for some time. My skin seems to feel and look healthier and younger, and I’ve even received a few compliments on my “bright skin” in the past few days – so something must be working right here.

Thank you, Joy & Karma for choosing me to review this awesome product. I am happy to spread the word on this serum, and look forward to trying other products in your line very soon.

Full Disclosure Disclaimer: I was chosen by Joy & Karma to receive special promotional pricing on this product in exchange for my honest review.