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Sweat in Style with Caelum Lifestyle!


If there is one thing we all know that I’m a sucker for – it’s fashionable fitness wear. Fashionable fitness clothes, for me, can be the difference between a mundane and slow workout, and a rockin’ sweat fest. If I’m looking the part – I’m feeling it too. That’s why I was so excited to…

Shop the Spring 2015 Trend: Gingham


With winter’s freezing grasp clenched tight, I am eager to look forward at the warm temperatures of Spring ahead. The light layers, soft fabrics, and crisp lines are all things I am eager to wear again after this long and dreary spell in which I am rotating all of my heaviest and thickest sweaters. Meh…

Warby Parker: Spring 2015 Preview

Warby Parker Eyeglasses - Finch Striped Molasses

As a girl who relies heavily on her glasses to see (I’ve never been able to stomach the idea of contacts), having a pair to wear that I feel truly comfortable with is essential.  When shopping for new glasses, I frequently try on a multitude of styles before deciding on the perfect pair. A pair of…