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Guest Post – 7 Surefire Tips for a Healthier Summer

Today’s guest post is perfect for this heat wave we are all enduring! (Has your makeup melted off today, too??) Here you will find some great tips for a healthy summer season, written by LifeAficionada reader Shawn Tremaine. Depending on where you live, you may have been dreaming of summer for what has seemed like…

Wishlist Wednesday – Summer Faves!

I can’t seem to stop finding amazing new fitness and athletic apparel/accessories that I’d like to add to my personal collection. In fact, Pinterest can be a rather dangerous place sometimes – my ability to restrain myself from finding adorable athletic wear is becoming nearly impossible. Oh well, my searching means more fun for you!…

Wishlist – Summer Athletic Wear

Like I mentioned previously, a good athletic wardrobe can empower you in your workouts, give you better results, and make you feel great while kicking butt. Plus, it can be a fun “treat” to yourself when you’ve hit a specific goal. Here’s a suggestion – For every workout you complete, put a dollar in a jar….