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Wishlist Wednesday – Spring Fitness Style Essentials


It’s been a really long time since I’ve shared my Wishlist with you all – and in all honestly, the list never really stops – it just keeps growing, and growing! What better time to bring back Wishlist Wednesday, than to share these awesome items with you all? If you notice, I’m definitely into cover…

Wishlist Wednesday – Summer Faves!

I can’t seem to stop finding amazing new fitness and athletic apparel/accessories that I’d like to add to my personal collection. In fact, Pinterest can be a rather dangerous place sometimes – my ability to restrain myself from finding adorable athletic wear is becoming nearly impossible. Oh well, my searching means more fun for you!…

Wishlist – Summer Athletic Wear

Like I mentioned previously, a good athletic wardrobe can empower you in your workouts, give you better results, and make you feel great while kicking butt. Plus, it can be a fun “treat” to yourself when you’ve hit a specific goal. Here’s a suggestion – For every workout you complete, put a dollar in a jar….

Wishlist – Fashionable Fitness Gear

I am always a big fan of wearing something cute and fashionable when working out. Does it really affect your performance during a workout? This could be debateable. I do believe fancy clothes are not necessary for you to make progress during a workout. I mean, there have been days that I just throw on…